Design-Loving Fun Seekers

Welcome to the sun-drenched world of Pool Buoy, where summer is an eternal state of mind. We're not just selling inflatable pools and floats; we're curators of a lifestyle that's effortlessly cool and refreshingly fun. Pool Buoy is your ticket to a summer that's hotter than the sand on a scorching day. Dive in - and let the good times flow.

When it comes to durability, we don't believe in dipping our toes into the kiddie pool. No, no, my friend, we're here to offer you the real deal - pools that can withstand the wildest of splashes and the most epic cannonballs!

We don’t want to float our own boat .. but..

Deep Divin' - The Important Stuff

Eyes on the Pool

Children are adventurous and enjoy exploring their environments. They are often attracted to water but have little understanding of the danger that it poses.

No Nasties. No Blow Outs

At Pool Buoy we are big believers in buy once, buy well and it's with this in mind that we designed our pools using only the highest quality materials, valves, plugs and stow away bag.